Systems Biology Colloquium

This is a series of invited colloquiual lectures provided by top researchers in the field of systems biology, theoretical and computational biology, bioinformatics and related fields of applied mathematics and computer science. The series is prepared in collaboration with Global Change Research Centre AS CR as a part of the ESF co-funded project CyanoTeam. The project is associated with an international network CyanoNetwork.

Lectures run irregularly during the academic year with respect to the time schedule provided on this web page. Each of the lectures will be announced at least one week in advance.

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TITLE: Evolutionary Optimization Techniques

  • When: Friday 16th of May 2014, 10:00
  • Where: Faculty of Informatics MU, Botanická 68a, room C516
  • Who: Michaela Šikulová (Faculty of Information Technology, Brno University of Technology)


Evolutionary algorithms (EAs) belong to stochastic heuristic algorithms that are used for finding an optimal solution in the domain space of the solved problem. EAs are inspired by fundamental principles of Darwinian evolution and Neo-Darwinism - the phylogenesis. EAs are successfully applied to the complex problem solving in the artificial inteligence, engineering or optimization. In this talk the fundamental principles of EAs will be introduced. We focus on Genetic Programming as the tool for identification of the solved problem hidden model and Genetic Programming optimization using coevolutionary algorithms in order to accelerate the evolutionary process and to provide the ability to adapt to dynamically changing conditions during the evolutionary process. Examples in connection with biological models design and optimization will be provided.

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