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This is a series of invited colloquiual lectures provided by top researchers in the field of systems biology, theoretical and computational biology, bioinformatics and related fields of applied mathematics and computer science. The series is prepared in collaboration with Global Change Research Centre AS CR as a part of the ESF co-funded project CyanoTeam. The project is associated with an international network CyanoNetwork.

Lectures run irregularly during the academic year with respect to the time schedule provided on this web page. Each of the lectures will be announced at least one week in advance.

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TITLE: Computational Models of Cyanobacterial Metabolism: Systemic properties of phototrophic growth

Ralf Steuer

  • When: Wednesday 31st of October 2012, 14:00
  • Where: Faculty of Informatics MU, Botanick√° 68a, lecture room C416
  • Who: Dr. Ralf Steuer (Humboldt University Berlin / CzechGlobe)

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Cyanobacteria are the only known prokaryotes with the capability to perform oxygenic photosynthesis and are attracting increasing attention as suitable host organisms for the production of organic products and biofuels. Due to their highly versatile metabolism and their ability to directly convert solar energy into hydrocarbons, biotechnological applications of cyanobacteria are at the forefront of current global challenges, such as the supply of energy from non-fossil resources and the efficient sequestration of atmospheric CO2. The domestication of phototrophic microorganisms remains one of the grand challenges of the 21st century with the potential to transform agriculture on a global scale.

One step towards such a domestication of cyanobacteria is an integrated experimental and computational approach to understand the functional properties of phototrophic growth. The focus of the talk is to describe the construction of computational models of cyanobacteria, from molecules to pathways, to the entire organism, and the analysis of such models using kinetic and constraint-based methods. In particular, we are interested in intermediate methods that aim to bridge between large-scale stoichiometric representations and detailed kinetic models of selected cellular processes.


[1] H. Knoop, Y. Zilliges, W. Lockau, and R. Steuer (2010) The metabolic network of Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803: Systemic properties of autotrophic growth. Plant Physiol. 154: 410-422.

[2] C. Beck, H. Knoop, I. M Axmann and R. Steuer (2012) The diversity of cyanobacterial metabolism: genome analysis of multiple phototrophic microorganisms. BMC Genomics. 2;13:56.

[3] R. Steuer, H. Knoop, and R. Machne (2012) Modelling cyanobacteria: from metabolism to integrative models of phototrophic growth. J Exp Bot. 63(6):2259-74.

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