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The aim of our research is to enhance our understanding of the molecular mechanisms underlying the behavior of complex living systems. The goal is to gain a better explanation of how the complex dynamic behaviour of the cell emerges from the interactions of molecular species. When solving such a non-trivial goal, the data have to be necessarily integrated with mathematical modeling and computer analysis. Since the complexity of biological networks is enormous due to appearance of complicated feedback loops, the system dynamics is often counter-intuitive and cannot be directly predicted from the network structure.

Computer science technologies together with computer tools employing suitable mathematical and computer science methods can help to obtain exact description of the networks, and in consequence, to infer interesting predictions of systems dynamics evolved in arbitrary environment. In order to cope with large-scale biological models describing interaction in the scale of several functional layers of a living cell, the central requirement imposed on analysis tools is the scalability.


Research in SYBILA is organized under themes or projects. The current research themes are

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