PITHYA: A Parallel Tool for Parameter Synthesis of Piecewise Multi-Affine Dynamical Systems

N. Beneš, L. Brim, M. Demko, S. Pastva, D. Šafránek
International Conference on Computer Aided Verification (CAV) 2017

We present a novel tool for parameter synthesis of piecewise multi-affine dynamical systems from specifications expressed in a hybrid branching-time temporal logic. The tool is based on the algorithm of parallel semi-symbolic coloured model checking that extends standard model checking methods to cope with parametrised Kripke structures. The tool implements state-of-the-art techniques developed in our previous research and is primarily intended to be used for the analysis of dynamical systems with uncertain parameters that frequently arise in computational systems biology. However, it can be employed for any dynamical system where the non-linear equations can be sufficiently well approximated by piecewise multi-affine equations.

Cite this paper as: Beneš N., Brim L., Demko M., Pastva S., Šafránek D. (2017) Pithya: A Parallel Tool for Parameter Synthesis of Piecewise Multi-affine Dynamical Systems. In: Majumdar R., Kunčak V. (eds) Computer Aided Verification. CAV 2017. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 10426. Springer, Cham