In our research we want to come up with practical solutions and tooling to address the needs of current systems biology. BIODIVINE is a tool set created for computer aided analysis of biochemical systems. It is an evolutionary branch of the DiVinE parallel verification tool. Our slogan is "Divine Analysis for Everyone".


Comprehensive Modelling Platform

Comprehensive Modelling Platform is a general framework for public sharing, annotation, and visualisation of domain-specific biological models. For a selected system (e.g. an organism, particular process), the framework is instantiated as a web-based application which allows to capture several aspects of biological models represented as biochemical reaction networks or ordinary differential equations.


Platform for public sharing, annotation, analysis, and visualisation of dynamical models and wet-lab experiments related to cyanobacteria.

Platform to present selected models from the "Photosynthesis in silico" book. With a prior consent of the authors, the models are translated to Systems Biology Mark-up Language (SBML) format. The on-line simulation of photosynthetic dynamics is also possible.